Who we are

The Lint Surgeon is a family owned company that was born in 2011 when we saw that there was a need to educate people on the importance of properly maintaining their dryer vent systems. Lint build up is a fire hazard and we wanted to keep our community safe from home fires. We saw the opportunity to educate the public and also a business opportunity.

Scott is a veteran. He served overseas (in Korea) as a satellite communications technician. He has 36 years of experience as a building engineer and a property manager.

Professional Certifications:

Universal EPA HVAC
Indoor Air Quality

Claudia manages the office and the public relations for the Company. Her main goal is to make sure our customers are satisfied with the quality of our service.

Our Mission

To provide excellent service and guarantee satisfaction so we become the company that our customers, not only use every time they need the service, but also the one they recommend to family and friends.

Call us today at (813) 951-2024 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment!