Let’s discuss some laundry facts that you might not know.

For example, according to the Textile Industry Association, most of the items you put into your washing machine have a life expectancy of just 50 wash cycles. Now, that might seem like a lot, but for things like underwear and socks – the items you wear and wash often – that’s about a year.

Items you wear less often, and therefore wash less often, will last much longer.

Over the course of one-week, American households will wash more than 600 million loads. That totals 35 billion loads per year, weighing in about 100 million tons of dirty laundry to get clean.

To look at that another way — that’s 1,000 loads every second, 365 days a year!

The average household will wash 7.4 loads every week, and that weighs about 50 pounds of laundry per week.

50% of the laundry gets the warm water treatment, 35% goes in the cold water, and just 15% uses hot water.

90% of wash loads are put in a dryer.

More laundry in every machine…

And the average domestic wash load has 16 items, so, the average washing machine handles more than 6,000 articles of clothing a year.

After all these facts, do you remember the last time you had your dryer vent cleaned? where did all that lint from your clothes go? Having your dryer vent professionally cleaned regularly, should be a practice you have to follow to prevent a home fire. Fire prevention is our business!