Frequently Asked Questions about Dryer Vent Cleaning

1. Why should I have my dryer vent system professionally cleaned?

  • Reduce the risk of a dryer related fire
  • Shorten drying times, number of dry cycles
  • Save money on utility bills
  • Reduce allergens in your home
  • Extend the life of your dryer
  • Preserve your clothes

2. How often should my dryer vent be cleaned?

Households of 1 person = every 2 years
2 – 4 people = annually
4+ people = 6 months to a year

3. How do I know if my dryer vent needs cleaning?

  • If you have never had your dryer vent cleaned
  • If your clothes take an unusually long amount of time to dry
  • If you can see lint build-up in and around the vent hood  – (Usually located on the outside of your home)
  • If your dryer seems to run hotter than normal

4. How long does it take to clean my dryer vent?

Usually an hour to an hour and a half depending on undetermined factors such as the severity of lint build-up, disconnected duct work, replacement of a damaged vent hood, etc…

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