Ideas for creating more laundry room workspace

In addition to storage space and a prep station, the best laundry room designs also include areas for folding, mending, ironing, hanging or storing your cleaning essentials. How can you create more space in your laundry room? Here are some tips.

Create or convert as much flat space as possible into areas for mending or folding clothes. You can create a wall-mounted desk, re purpose a small table or even install a counter above your washer and dryer.
If you have room for cabinets and drawers, convert some of this space into pull-out or fold-down ironing boards and drying racks. This small laundry room idea helps you make the most of your space and provides a built-in storage option.
Laundry pedestals are an excellent way to create more storage space in even the smallest laundry room. These pedestals also lift your washer and dryer, making it easier to load, transfer and unload clothes.
BONUS TIP: A counter top can be a great place for pre-treating stains – just make sure you have the right surface, like tile or glass. Wood that has been treated with urethane can also work for this purpose.