Laundry 101

  • If it feels luxurious, crunchy, or super smooth, it probably needs to be dry cleaned instead of washed. Just because your clothes can be washed, does not mean they can necessarily be dried. Items that should not go in the dryer are spandex (including denim that has a spandex blend), some synthetics (like rayon), Lacey delicates, and anything with rhinestones on it.
    This is the point where some people get confused. Dividing clothes into 3 loads works best: Whites, Lights, and Darks. Dark colors like black, brown, purple, blue, red, and green can all go into your Darks load. Anything that is neither dark nor white goes in the Lights.
  • After you have your clothes sorted, check and double check your pockets.
    *Most clothes can and should be washed on cold or warm water. These two temperature settings are safe for most items, with a few exceptions. If you have a new pair of jeans, or a new shirt that is a bright color, those items should ONLY be washed in cold. Either by itself, or with a cup of white distilled vinegar added to the load.
  • Put everything away. At least, remove all the clothes from the dryer and lay them out flat. This will help them to be free of wrinkles, and they are much less likely to get accidental stains.The best thing you can do for your clothes is to schedule 30 minutes on laundry day to fold, hang, and put away the clean clothes.