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Dryer Vent Cleaning Services - offering Dryer Vent Cleaing, Repairs and Installation - Call for pricing

The cleaning

  • Initially, we inspect and clean your vent hood. It may be located on your roof or exit from the back or side of your home.
  • Second, we clean your lint trap cavity,
  • Next, we move your dryer for access to the vent in the wall.
  • Then, we clean out your vent from the wall to the vent hood. We do this with dryer vent cleaning equipment. We do not blow the lint out into your yard.
  • In addition, we deep clean your clothes dryer and its surrounding area. Doing this will ensure that your dryer and vent are free of lint.


Do you need a dryer vent installed? Contact us and let us help you do it the right way! Our years of experience will allow us to install your dryer vent system in the best possible way.


We can repair any problems or damage within a dryer vent system. You can contact us about your dryer vent issue so we can quote you on its repair. The cost will vary depending where your home or office is located.


  • Our standard dryer vent cleaning price starts at $88.00 for a single story home. The cost will vary if more than one story or depending where your home or office is located. Please call us for a quote or visit our online contact page.
  • Sometimes we may have to replace parts. There will be additional fees for replacement parts, but we will advise you before replacing them.
  • Our Estimate fee is $65.00.The cost will vary depending where your home or office is located. 

Neighborhood Special

  • Book your appointment with a neighbor and you both save 10%. 

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