Why is professional dryer vent cleaning necessary?

Even with light use, you should have your dryer vent professionally cleaned at least once a year to prevent lint buildup and ensure your dryer is working efficiently. In some homes, you should have your dryer cleaned even more frequently. #thelintsurgeon, #dryerventcleaning, #dryerventrepairs, #dryerventmodifications, #dryerventinstallations.

Do not let this happen to you. When you hire a company to clean your dryer vent system, please make sure you are hiring professionals. This customer called us because it was time for her to have her system cleaned. We arrived to her home and her Vent hood had a hole on it. She stated that she had the dryer vent system cleaned last year by another company. They made a hole in it to clean it and put masking tape to cover it.

#ThelintSurgeon, #dryerventcleaning, #dryerventrepaiurs, #dryerventmodifications.

Tips to Make Laundry Smell Good

Tips to Make Laundry Smell Good. #TheLintsurgeon, #dryerventcleaning, #dryerventrepairs, #dryerventinstallations.

Laundry Tips :

If you use to much or too little detergent, your cloths won’t smell clean. Too much detergent creates an opportunity for dirt and mold to stick to the fabric and cause an odor. Too little detergent doesn’t adequately clean the dirt off the fabrics.